Divide and rule

By | March 2, 2011

In order to ensure that you have total control, sometimes it gets essential to divide. And that is what I have done too..

I started off with this blog without any specific theme in mind. I wrote whenever I felt like writing and shared whatever interesting I found. I never had a target audience in my mind and never really had a lot of visitors either.

Recently, when I was upgrading WordPress, I realized, the category range for my posts has been too diverse. It has things like tech, gadgets, web to more abstract stuff like, religion, politics, art and even other miscellaneous areas like music, bollywood etc. With so many random topics, it would never appeal any reader to visit again.

I hence, decided to break down the blog into different sections, each focusing on a separate category of things. While this blog here would be mostly my personal stuff, there are the following other ones :

  • Techknowlogy – Everything related to technology.
  • StackTrace – My experience with Coding and Software Development.
  • CodeWorks – Applications developed by me or my friends.
  • Khaak-e-shayari – some of the poetic verses, written/compiled by me.

I hope this arrangement should help me sort out the content, allowing readers to easily find the area of their interest. Let me know what you think.